Cantledust Gin+Tonic 70Hours Candle
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Gin+Tonic blends effervescently fresh lime and of course the slightly bitter aftertone of juniper. As the name suggests, this fragrance embodies the aroma of the famous cocktail.

The Candledust scented candle refill kit + 2 wicks
The Candledust candle is a natural candle wax in powder from. Recycling is in fashion, create your first candle, it’s super easy! Recycle The Candledust candle glass and fill it with candledust.
The Candledust is in essence as simple as 1-2-3
Take one wick and attach it to the bottom center of the candle container.
Fill the container completely with candledust and make sure that the tip of the wick protrudes from the dust up to 0,3 cm and is in the center of the container
Light the candle and enjoy, it’s as easy as that!

Please follow these simple, yet very important candle burning rules to ensure a safe and pleasant burn of your The Candledust candle

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