Dareu Ek871 65% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Computer Keyboard- White, Grey And Red Dareu Red Switches
69.99€   55.99€ Sale

This keyboard is what you need, It has the new DAREU switches and a design that you cannot resist.  

You can choose Black, blue, red or brown switches.

And it comes at a spectacular price.

If you are looking for a flagship keyboard this is it.

Why is this for you:

With this, you will achieve the ultimate typing experience.

This keyboard will make you stand out.

Make everyone jealous of you.

This is the ultimate choice 

And you won't be needing a cable


Interface: Dual Mode(BT & Wired)
Layout: 71Key
Key Cap: PBT+Thermal sublimation
Switch : Dareu
Driverl: Yes
Key Conflict : N-Key Rollover
LED Light: White Backlight
Others: Magnetic stand

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