Senseball Football Kick Trainer - Size 2

SenseBall is the official training soccer ball used by professional youth soccer clubs and federations such as AC Milan, Sporting Kansas City, RSC Anderlecht, KRC Genk, RCSC Charleroi, AS Monaco, FC Nantes, FC Metz, FC Lugano and the Belgian Soccer Association. SenseBall is the ONLY one to be used and recommended by professional players and soccer clubs.

SenseBall is designed on the principle of bilateral activity and allows you to become two-footed (play better with both feet). Thanks to its specific design, the 50 exercise videos, mobile application and online didactical program included with SenseBall, you achieve on average 500,000 touches of the ball in one season and use your left foot as many times as your right foot.

Practiced individually or in groups, SenseBall allows you to improve your soccer skills, react faster and improve in rhythm. Especially recommended for young players from 6 to 20 years old, SenseBall allows you to integrate the essential skills of modern football: control and kick the ball perfectly through repetition; acquire faster and more accurate passing; speed up your decision making. Play with speed and precision in crowded areas.

In addition to the sports aspect, it should be noted that the practice of SenseBall, by developing and organizing the brain, enhances learning at school. Within our research into sports studies in association with the University of Leuven, we have seen that after practising our method for a year, children's general behaviour had improved (calmer, more concentrated).

Get your SenseBall now and become a better soccer player!

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