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8In1 – Poop Patrol Waste Bags Dispenser - 30 Pieces

8in1 Poop Patrol bags are tearproof bags for dog poop which come in a handy dispenser.
They are perfect when on the move, making it easier for you to dispose of your dog’s poop
properly while out walking or on a journey and to keep the environment clean for people
and animals. The dispenser guarantees one bag at a time, is fitted with an adjustable rubber
strap and fits to any lead. The reflectors on both sides also offer additional protection when
walking in the dark.
• Poop bags with handy dispenser
• Can be fixed to the lead for easy and convenient use
• With reflectors for night-time safety
• Refill packs available (with 3 or 6 rolls, 15 bags per roll)

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