Cellularline Powerbank Manta S 500 Usb C White

Freepower Manta S 5000 is the thin, fast and powerful portable charger made with lithium polymer cells and equipped with a USB Fast Charge port and a USB-C port, so it's perfect for charging any compatible devices. With its simultaneous charging system, you can charge your phone and powerbank at the same time with a single charger. Freepower Manta S 5000 is also equipped with a practical digital LED display that shows the exact residual charge level, so it's simpler and easier to know when it's time to recharge the power bank. What's more, the lightweight, ultra-thin design created with soft-touch, non-slip material makes it a practical, functional accessory that looks great too.

Technical features:        

Fast charge USB port for fast charging at 2A for any device with USB charging

Simultaneous recharging: recharges the portable charger and the device at the same time with a single charger

Ultra-slim and extra-lightweight: 128 x 70 x 11.5 mm, 148 g

USB-C cable included

USB-C port for fast charging of compatible devices and fast recharging of the portable charger



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