Cellular Line Car Charger 7.2A 4 Usb

36W fast in-car charger with 4 ports

USB CAR CHARGER FAMILY 36W is the in-car charger designed for people who need to charge up to 4 devices at the same time. It’s the perfect solution for keeping your devices, and those of any other passengers, charged and ready for use during car journeys.Thanks to the two USB ports on the part of the charger that can be attached to the front seat pocket, it also lets passengers sitting in the back charge their devices with the utmost convenience.Equipped with innovative Smartphone Detect technology, USB Car Charger Family recognises any connected devices and safely provides the correct charge.Its 4 USB ports provide up to 36W of power and let you charge up to 4 devices compatible with 5W and 10W charging. There is no agreement, licence or connection between Cellularline S.p.A. and the companies who own the trademarks and names in the text and images on this web page. All trademarks, names and mobile phone models are owned by their respective owners.


Cluster Multiload
Charge Speed Quick Charging
Connector USB
Line Core
Technology Smartphone Detect
Colour Black
USB Ports 4
Maximum output power 36W
Power supply 12-24V

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