Cellular Line Car Charger Micro Usb 5W
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Car charger micro-USB

Compact Car Charger with Micro-USB plug for Smartphones, navigation systems, etc. directly on the road to recharge it.

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Highlights & Details

  • Safe and gentle charging

  • Adaptive Charging technology

  • LED display


  • Adaptive Charging technology

  • Overcharge protection

  • Circuit breaker

  • Overvoltage protection


  • Car Micro USB 5 W

  • User manual.


Output voltage 110 - 240 V
Input voltage 12 / 24 V
Type Car Micro-USB 5W
Colour Black
Height 20 mm
Length 50 mm
Width 30 mm
Inputs Europlug
Input voltage 12 V DC , 24 V DC
Max. output current 1000 mA

No. of outputs 1 x
Outputs USB 2.0 connector Micro B
Used at Car , HGV
Power  5 W
Cable length 1.60 m

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