Amazon Echo Dot (3Rd Generation) Voice Assistant Black

"Alexa play popular music"
Ask Alexa for a song, an artist or a genre on Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn and other services. With multiple compatible Echo devices in different rooms, you can listen to music all over the house. Also listen to Audible, radio stations and much more.

Always ready
Make life at home easy. Use your voice to set timers, keep lists, or create calendar entries and reminders. Hear the news, weather forecast or traffic information. Ask about sports results, the cinema program, opening times of restaurants and much more information.

Voice control for your smart home
Turn on the lights before you get up, turn on the coffee machine on the way to the kitchen, or dim the lights from the sofa at night. Control multiple devices with a single voice command - for example, lock the front door and turn off the lights before going to bed.

Communicate with friends and family members With a
voice command, you can easily call other people with an Echo device or the Alexa app (Skype will be available soon). Use Drop In to connect directly to other compatible Echo devices in your household.

Alexa has skills
Alexa has thousands of skills and new ones are constantly being added. Skills are like apps and help you with everyday things. Play games, explore TV on TV DIGITAL, keep an eye on your fitness goals with Fitbit, and more. Just ask: "Alexa, what are skills?"


  • Intelligent voice-controlled speaker - now offers even better and richer sound compared to the previous generation of the Echo Dot as well as a new design.

  • Can play music, answer questions, read the news and weather report, set alarm clocks and much more.

  • Can be connected to your speakers via Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm audio cable to play music from Amazon Music, Spotify and TuneIn.

  • Control compatible lamps, thermostats, door locks and much more, with just your voice.

  • You can voice call and send messages to people who have an Echo device or the Alexa app (Skype coming soon). Connect directly to other compatible Echo devices in your household via drop-in.

  • Alexa is constantly learning and getting new functions and skills.


Highlights & Details

  • Better sound and new design

  • Alexa can play music, answer questions, and more

  • Stream songs from Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn and more

  • Can be connected to speakers via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm cable

  • Hands-free calls and messages

  • Controls your smart home

  • Alexa is constantly learning



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