Lin Seed Oat Bran Bars 150G
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Oat bran bars with linseed

These Dukan® bars combine tasty cereals with a tender texture!

Enjoy the crunchy flaxseed in this recipe.

There are only 82 kcals per bar and 5 times less sugar than in low-fat bars. Now you can say ‘YES’ to snacks!

Furthermore, with their unequalled oat bran content on the market (50%), these bars are very rich in fibre. One bar brings you 8 % of the recommended daily intake in fibre.

Wrapped to ensure freshness, you can take them everywhere.


Oat bran is the hull of the oat kernel, rich in fibre called beta-glutans.

It has 3 proprieties:

  • it absorbs: it swells in the stomach and produces a sensation of satiety,
  • it contributes to maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels*,
  • its viscosity allows it to slow the absorption of sugar after meals**.

* Pour a total intake of 3 g/ day of beta glucans.
** Intake of beta glucans during a meal contributes to reducing the rise in blood sugar after the meal.

As part of the method: 1 bar = 2 permitted

  • Attack: 0 bars
  • Cruise: 1 bar
  • Consolidation: 1,5 bars
  • Stabilisation: free

Recommendations for use: for breakfast, a snack or at tea time.

NET WEIGHT: 150 grams

STORAGE: Keep in a cool dry place.

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