Mendiants - 16 Pieces

The perfect snack! Include everyone with a taste for every palette, with our all-natural mendiants,

Our new mendiants box is the perfect gift to impress your friends, collegues or loved ones. Our prestigious gift box complements our artisanal mendiants, to perfection. Each mendiant is handcrafted with delicate precision, making every bite a fresh experience. Treat yourself or someone close to you with a gift of mouth watering mendiants.

Assortment of Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Mendiants.

Dark chocolate 64% Dried apricots, Pistachios 20%, Goji berries, Spices
Milk chocolate 34% Passion fruit (glucose, passion fruit 30%, apricot pulp, potato starch, sodium alginate), Hazelnut 40%, Raisins, Choco pearls 36% (skimmed milk, whey milk, sugar, butter, cocoa beans, Biscuit cereals (wheat flour, sugar, wheat malt, wheat starch, bicarbonate soda, salt, rape lecithin, natural vanilla).
White chocolate 35% Almonds 15%, Raspberry (glucose, sugar, raspberry 25%, sodium alginate), Yogurt (cocoa butter, skimmed yogurt powder 10%, glucose, sugar, potato starch, citric acid, yogurt powder 10%, malic acid), Sesame, Goji Berries, Dried Cherries.
We have selected the very best suppliers from around the world sourcing the finest ingredients to entice you with our unique blends and flavours.
Handcrafted in our lab, our mendiants are studded with natural ingredients. Please refer to packaging ingredients for more information.
Our products may contain traces of milk, nuts, egg proteins, gluten and peanuts.
Best enjoyed within two-three weeks of purchase .
Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry, secret place, at a temperature between 15°C-18°C, away from strong odours and direct sunlight. An isothermal envelope with an ice pack is included in your order that guarantees the product is to arrive in good condition. Plus you get a lovely clutch cooler bag to use during your summer holidays.

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