Grass Straws 20Cm 100Pcs

Grass Straws made from Lepironia Articulata (organically grown water grass) Grass Straws are nature’s drinking straws. They are made from Lepironia Articulata, an organically grown and naturally occurring water grass from the Mekong Delta. Our grass straws are hand-picked by local farmers whose land cannot be used for other crops, providing vital employment to poor rural farming communities. Grass straws are 100% garden & food waste compostable and return to the earth as soil in 3 months. Our natural grass straws are a beautiful accompaniment to any beverage and don’t go soggy or change the taste of your drink. Origin Vietnam Made from Lepironia Articulata (organically grown water grass) Decomposes in 3 months Never Soggy Natural Taste Cold & Hot Drinks Colour: Yellow to Green Length: 14cm | 20cm Diameter: 5-8mm Uses: Cocktails, Soft Drinks, Smoothies and Shakes Shelf life: 18 months from delivery Storage: Dry, cool internal area Annual capacity: 400m straws per year

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