Samsung® Galaxy S21 Case- Torras Guardian Black

  • Military Grade Proven Protection: This case has passed SGS certification for drop protection. (Certificate No: GZIN2005022739PS) During the drop test from a height of 2.44 metres, the mobile phone was dropped from 26 different angles and was still intact. This excellent shock resistance provides professional protection for your smartphone.
  • Unique design: this mobile phone case has an attractive and stylish look. The back plate is slightly transparent matt black. This incomparable design makes your phone look elegant and mysterious. It is worth having this unique case.
  • Silky and grippy at the same time: a great feeling that you have never experienced so before. The silky surface of the case fits comfortably against your skin. When you take your smartphone out of the case, no lint or dust will stick to it. The matte case is always easy to grip in your hand. No need to worry about the phone slipping out of your hand suddenly.
  • Healthy material: this case is made of carefully selected, high-quality German material from Bayer, which is non-toxic and odourless and does not harm human health. Torras not only takes care of the protection of your smartphone, but also your health is important to us.
  • A clever product: this case is a perfect combination of hard back plate and soft silicone edge. It impresses with its anti-scratch, anti-discolouration and anti-dust properties. Each case has removable buttons in three colours. You can change the buttons as you like. 

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