Ringke Ring Slot Card Holder Clear Mist

  • Convenient Lifestyle - Quick access to your main ID and credit/debit card while on the go. Simply grab your cell phone and attach the Ring Slot Card Holder on the back. Slide cards into the Ringke Ring Slot Card Holder, then you are all set and ready to go!
  • Comfort & Secure Design - Newly added Ring feature ensures grip while the PC card clip holds your stored ID/card secure. The 4-Corner Locking Gear is designed to hold max 2 cards securely, even when the Ring Slot Card Holder is held upside down.
  • Use as Phone Stand - The ring is designed for sturdiness! Along helping with the grip of your phone, also use it as a kickstand to keep your phone upright while watching videos. Keep it at a comfortable angle without your hands.
  • Safe & Strong Attachment - Tough 3M Adhesive offers easy installation and can be removed without a mark while securely adhering for high quality, long lasting application. (*Extra 3M Adhesive Tapes Included)
  • Universal Adhesive Card Wallet - Fully compatible with most flat panel back case or smartphone to increase convenience and support for instant safe access to your ID or card necessity. (*Phone case is not included with this item. To make sure your device is compatible with the item, please check detailed image for the dimensions.)

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