Ringke Paracord Lanyard Finger Strap Black
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  • Multi-use Finger Strap - Utilize on Mobile Cases, Key Chain, Camera, Game Console, USB Flash Drives, etc. Compatible with any accessories and devices with lanyard access points, hooks, or split rings. Use them at will for your convenience!
  • Comfort & Secure - Made from interwoven parachute cord material, remove the danger of letting your phone slip from your hands with this extra safety. 
  • Extended Reach - The finger strap allows stabilized grip for extended reach on your mobile device. Lets your thumb reach the top of your phone with ease.
  • Adjustable String - Simply slide up the adjuster to alter the length of the strap and make it fit the size of your finger at any time. 
  • Product Information - Ringke Lanyard Finger Strap Black. Total length: 5.3~5.7 inches (please refer to the detailed product image for further information).

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