Transportation Set Large 4X125Gr Tubs

Vroom Vroom... Transportation is a big subject in the early years curriculum and cars are a favourite play time for so many children. So we created a set for you to Vroom Vroom with Wonderdough! :) Create all the different modes of transport and imagine all the fun places you can go.. make all the sounds choo choo and dive into some creative play. A pack of healthy creative play! Product contents: 4 x 125gr tubs of Wonderdough set of Transportation themed dough cutters dough squasher, rolling pin, dough scraper & sculpting tool themed foldable play mat (can play on both sides) Note: No gems or googly eyes  Our dough cutters and tools are all 3d printed using PLA bioplastic. Colours may vary slightly to those shown in the photos.

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