Beard Oil - Vanilla & Mango Fragrance Apothecary 87 - 10Ml (0.33 Fl Oz)

A leave in beard conditioner, rich in natural, plant based oils.

Our formula is designed to nourish & soften the hair, moisturise the skin underneath, reduce irritation, allow for healthy beard growth & smell great.

Product benefits:

- Conditions beard & hair
- Moisturises & hydrates the skin
- Strengthens hair roots
- Keeps beard hair well conditioned
- Reduces itching and irritation around the beard
- Reduces split ends, allowing for healthier, faster growth

A Vanilla & Mango Fragrance – formulated to be different.

The blend of Vanilla & Mango was created to give men something different, in a world where men were expected to smell like wood or leather.

Our Vanilla & Mango fragrance balances perfectly for a gent who wants to stand out from the crowd with a slightly sweeter scent.

As always, all our creations are made cruelty free.

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