Cycellar Copper Drop Cyprus Botanical Gin 37.5% Alcohol 700Ml

Copper Drop Is An Aromatic Botanical Gin That Is Sourced, Produced, Distilled, And Bottled In Cyprus. The Island Of Cyprus Is So Closely Associated With Copper, That The Name “Copper” Actually Derives From The Greek Name For The Island, Kupros. The Island Of Cyprus Emerged From The Mysterious Depths Of The Mediterranean Sea 2 Million Years Ago. During Its Formation, The Peak Of Troodos Mountains Was filled With Rich Metals. The Copper Belt In Troodos Is Part Of The Mountains Ophiolite Which Is Considered As One Of The Best-Known Examples Of Well-Preserved Pieces Of Oceanic Crust In This Region Of The Earth. Copper Also Has An Essential Role In The Gin-Making Process. Copper Is Exceptionally Good At Conducting Heat And When Heat Is Dispersed Evenly Over The Surface Of The Still, The Result Is A More Efficient Distilling Process Which Means Better Gin. The Islands Geology And Climate Managed To Regenerate The Forests For Thousands Of Years Thus Hundreds Of Herbs And Spices Are Found In Cyprus. Combining Juniper, Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon And Orange, These 5 Local Hand-Picked Botanicals And Citrus Fruits, Grown By The Islands Soil And Sun Guarantees That Every Drop Will Offer A Dose Of The Islands Heart, Spirit And Antiquity. The Combination Of These Precious Local Ingredients Results In An Exceptional, Bold And Aromatic Blend With A Long-Lasting Finish.

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