Cycellar Monarch Commandaria 13% Alcohol 200Ml

Commandaria Is A Sweet Dessert Wine Made In The Same Manner For Centuries And In The Same 14 Designated Villages On The Southern Slopes Of The Troodos Mountains In Cyprus. The Island Of Cyprus Emerged From The Mysterious Depths Of The Mediterranean Sea 2 Million Years Ago. During Its Formation, The Peak Of Troodos Mountains Was Filled With Magma And Lava. The Rich Volcanic Soil In Combination With The Warm Sun And The Humidity, Contributed In The Creation Of The First Vines And Later On In The Birth Of The Cypriot Commandaria Which Is The Oldest Named Wine In The World That Is Still In Production. The Wine Is Made From Two Local Grape Varieties, The Red Grape “Mavro” And The White Grape “Xynisteri”. The Grapes Are Picked Very Ripe, Even Overripe, And Dried In The Sun To Enhance Their Sugar Content, Giving The Drink Its Distinctive Flavor. The Wines Flavour Is As Rich As Its History. It Is Said To Be "The Wine Of Kings And The King Of Wines" As It Was Placed On The Tables Of Kings And Rulers In The Time Of The Knight Templars. Historically, Commandaria Was Thought To Be A Wine That Had Therapeutic Qualities And Was Widely Used As A Healthy And Refreshing Tonic. Even Today Every Glass Of Commandaria Offers A Dose Of Strength And Energy Given To You By The Cyprus Earth And Sun.

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