Natud 100% Natural Body Brush

Gently exfoliates I Removes dead skin cells I Stimulates cellar turnover I Improves skin texture | Reduces cellulite | Promotes lymphatic drainage As the body’s largest organ, your skin is responsible for taking care of toxins. But it often needs a little helping hand. This is where Dry Brushing steps in to help your body improve lymphatic fluid circulation so you can give yourself the love and attention you deserve. Dry brushing goes back to ancient India’s Ayurveda where natives discovered the positive impacts it had on bolstering circulation and blood flow. We've taken up a unique twist on this age-old technique by making it modern. The result? A unique brush made from ethically sourced beach wood and natural bristles that helps improve drainage of the lymph nodes and eliminates toxins. So you can stimulate your skin and ooze freshness from within. It’s a whole new experience. Relax. Unwind. Cherish the soft caressing of the bristles on your body. Have an exfoliating massage on the feet, legs, buttocks & arms while at home. Create your own spa like experience. Increase sebum secretion and get softer, lustrous skin without spending a dime on expensive invasive and chemical-based treatments.   Things to Remember Define your schedule; some prefer it in the morning before showering, others love it before going to bed. The choice depends on your convenience.  Always use on dry skin.   Start with the extremities of the body like the feet or the hands.  Apply gentle strokes and less pressure where the skin is thinner and use more pressure where the skin is tougher, such as the thighs and buttocks.  The general rule is to stroke the brush in one upward movement towards the major lymph nodes in the body, such as in the groin, armpits, and base of the neck.  You can always brush back and forth between the fingers & toes and use small circular strokes in a clockwise direction on the stomach, following the movement of the gut.   Moving to your back, brush up the back from your bottom towards your shoulders as far as you can comfortably reach. Repeat for the other side.  At your shoulders sweep down from the back of your neck across the shoulder blade and repeat on the opposite side.  Follow dry body brushing with some form of hydrotherapy; this may be a bath, shower, steam room, body mud mask, or massage.  Things to Remember  Remember to always brush towards the heart and not away from it as that would strain the lymph vessels.  Avoid using on breasts and genitalia area.  Avoid sensitive skin, varicose veins, open wounds, inflamed skin, or painful rashes.  Avoid sunburnt areas.  Avoid over-enlarged lymph nodes.

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