Natud White Jade Gua Sha

Lifts | Contours | Tightens | Reduces wrinkles | Promotes lymphatic drainage | Promotes natural production of collagen | Reduces puffiness | Reduces dark circles and sunken eyes It gives you a Spotless Facial Texture  NATUD’s Gua Sha is specially designed to provide your skin with long-lasting healing.  The stagnation and congestion in the lymph nodes could be the reason for the puffiness & the sagging skin. Practice the ritual of Gua Sha daily and be sure of a cumulative restoration of the firmness & elasticity of your skin.  A maintained Natud’s Gua Sha massage leads to the production of collagen and delivers nutrients to the cells, leaving you with a youthful & energized look.  The repetitive stroking not only induces calmness in the body but also slows the stimulation of stress hormones. Stress causes fatigue & quickens the aging process of the face. Natud’s Gua Sha ritual is your sure anti-aging secret.  Boosts Your Blood Circulation  Better still, using NATUD’s stones will boost your blood circulation by opening up the clogged lymph nodes & boosting your body’s energy levels.  White Jade purifies your energy Due to the combined physical properties, white jade is a natural transmitter of infrared rays and has a similar wavelength to the human body. It contains a variety of minerals beneficial to life & a positive, brilliant power of light in it.  This stone is known for its power to make its owner feel calm & peaceful. White Jade will help you to heal your old emotional wounds and will lighten your aura with positive and healing light.    The Ritual  Practice Nåtud Gua sha ritual 3-4 times per week for the best results  Remember to always scrape gently. Hold the tool at a 40-degree angle. All the movement should be upwards.   Cleanse your face. Use a Natud dry brush to remove dead skin cells and apply  Natud’s Antioxidant oil. Do not use gua sha on a dry skin  Neck & shoulders: using the long angle, start from the shoulder and move up to your neck. Going in series of 3-5s, move from the back of your neck and shoulders towards the middle & then repeat the process on the other side.  Jawline & Chin: glide the tool upwards from the center of your chin to the earlobe for contouring the jawline  Cheeks: flip gua sha to the serrated part and work from the nose along the cheekbones to the ear in a sweeping motion generating friction. Then move down a bit and repeat to the center of the chin. Then flip to the long angle and move upward in 2-3 sections towards your eyes.  Under – eyes: Flip to the teeth side of the stone & sweep under your eyes from your nose outward.  Forehead: using the long side of gua sha start at the center of the lower forehead and move to the upper forehead.   Brows: Glide upwards along the brow bone from the inside out.  Lips: sweep gua sha back and forth with the serrated part over your lips for plumping effect for about 1-2 minutes  If you ever are feeling a bit stressed or even exhausted, the Natud’s Gua Sha Ritual calms you down and will bring your energy back.  The Results  With a sustained Natud’s Gua Sha Ritual, you have the control and power to change your look in a matter of weeks. With discipline to the routine, desired beauty, healthy skin, and a general body calmness are assured.  Take the challenge & embrace your true beauty. Natud’s Gua Sha is your partner in the journey to enriching the quality of your life.  Care Wash gua sha after each use in warm soapy water. Keep in the box. Stone is fragile, keep away from kids.

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