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Coolakut is a cooling skin care for irritated and reddened skin, e.g. due to insect bites or too much sun.

Apply. Chilly. Feel Better.

Coolakut stich & sun care gel nourishes and soothes the skin irritated by insect bites or sun, thereby reducing itching and has a pleasant cooling effect. due to its special composition, the care gel shows The Cooling And Soothing effect already when applied.

The application of the stich & sun care gel. apply coolakut stich & sun care gel generously to the skin areas in need of care.

After an insect bite, a pea-sized amount of gel is recommended. for reddened, sun-irritated skin, use several pump strokes of gel, depending on the size of the skin area. if necessary, the gel can be applied over a large area and several times a day. coolakut stich & sun care gel is easy to distribute, absorbs quickly and leaves no film on the skin.

The gel dispenser available in pharmacies allows the withdrawal of the individually required amount of gel. it does not leak and is therefore ideal for traveling. The variety of applications. use coolakut stich & sun care gel whenever and as quickly as possible when the irritated skin signals a need for care, e.g. by a feeling of tightness or itching.

Coolakut Stich & Sun Care Gel nourishes and soothes irritated and itchy skin after stings by insects such as mosquitoes, horseflies or bees. coolakut stich & sun care gel can also help to relieve itching in the case of bites from sand and animal fleas. contact with plants such as conifers, roses and grasses during gardening can cause skin irritation. Immediately applied, Coolakut Stich & Sun Care Gel cools and nourishes the skin. after contact with nettle, the care gel cools and thus relieves the typical "burning". In the case of irritated, reddened and tense skin after too long a stay in the sun, the skin is pleasantly cooled by applying coolakut stich & sun care gel and thus the feeling of tension is reduced. the nourishing gel moisturizes and can also be applied over a large area. after shaving, Coolakut Stich & Sun Care Gel has a soothing effect and soothes irritated skin.

Сomposition the C.U.L.A. Formula The High-Quality Coolakut Stich & Sun Care Gel Contains The C.U.L.A. formula made from the following valuable ingredients of natural origin:

Calendula officinalis extracts of calendula officinalis regenerate the skin after stays in the sun and after insect bites. they also soothe the skin prone to allergies.

Urtica Urens urtica urens has proven itself in skin irritation since ancient times. urtica extracts in coolakut stitch & sun care gel support the soothing effect of the gel for skin irritations caused by sun exposure.

Ledum Palustre since the 13th century, the plant has been used in finland to control mosquitoes and insects. The use of the extract is typical for skin irritations that require cooling. apis mellifica the scientific name of the honey bee is apis mellifica. For Thousands Of Years, Man Has Been Using The Bee In Various Fields.

Apis Mellifica extracts have proven to be beneficial for superficial redness and skin irritation with contact sensitivity.

Skin-strengthening components Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), in addition to many other effects described in the course of its application, has skin-nourishing, regenerating, moisturizing and disinfecting properties. echinacea angustifolia contains activating polysaccharides and alkylamides and thereby promotes tissue regeneration. vitamin e, with its antioxidant and protective effects against the attack of free radicals, delays the aging of skin cells and reduces the free radicals responsible for degradation processes.

Special Skin Compatibility Coolakut Stich & Sun Care Gel Is Free Of Synthetic Dyes, Fragrances And Preservatives And Contains Neither Mineral Oils Nor Skin-Damaging Fats. it is dermatologically tested and, with its predominantly herbal ingredients, also helps babies from 6 months of age. due to its skin-friendly composition, coolakut stich & sun care gel is also suitable for particularly sensitive skin areas and for use on the face. the hygienic gel dispenser only doses as much gel as is needed at a time. this makes coolakut stich & sun care gel very economical, the application is hygienic and ideal for traveling.

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