Grn Thermal Spring Water Tooth Gel Sensitive. Mild, Minty Cleanser For A Pleasant Feel

The Toothpaste Uses Silica Particles To Gently Yet Thoroughly Clean The Teeth And Gums. With Regular Use, It Contributes To Preventing Dental Plaque Build-Up. The Formula Protects The Dental Enamel And Is Ideal For Sensitive Gums. Precious Thermal Water Neutralises Acidity And Reliably Removes Deposits. Application: * Use Twice A Day For 2 Minutes. Features & Advantages * Ideal For Sensitive Teeth * Prevents Dental Plaque Build-Up * Suitable From The Age Of 3 Ingredients (Inci) * Aqua (Water)Glycerin [1]Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysateaqua (Water)Hydrated Silicadecyl Glucosidecellulose Gumaroma [2]Sodium Benzoatestevia Rebaudiana Extract [2]Sodium Hydroxidelimonene [2] 1. Manufactured With Organic Raw Materials 2. From Controlled Organic Agriculture About The Dental Elements Product Lines For A Fresher And Clean Feel Thanks To Thermal Water And Precious Active Ingredients Sourced From Nature - Specially Formulated For The Needs Of Various Types Of Teeth. With Or Without Fluoride.

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