Organic Cyprus Common Sage Natural Herbal Tea 30Gr

Content: 30 gr The product is 100% natural, pure and vegan Herbs of Cyprus Made In Cyprus For Tea / Infusion: For every cup use 5 gr. (1 tsp) of Herb in hot water for 10 – 15 minutes. Description Cyprus Common Sage is a herb that is indigenous to Cyprus and whilst t is of the same family as the common Sage, mint, oregano, rosemary, basil and The Cyprus variety is of a slightly different flavour and aroma. Sage has a strong aroma and earthy flavor, which is why it’s used in small amounts. Possible medicinal properties: anti-fever, anti-antiperspirant properties, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, heart tonic, anti-diabetic. Possible external medicinal uses: disinfectant, fights acne, heals pharyngitis, gingivitis and open mouth ulcers, tones the nervous system. Used in cooking for flavor and aroma. Drying Process: The process of drying our herbs is carried out under the shade in low temperatures below 35 degrees Celsius to ensure that the herbs preserve their colour and essential oils. Thus, they are characterised by their lively appearance and rich aroma. Details Nutrients: Thuyone A and B, quinole, linolol, camphor, salben, flavonoids, B-Pinel, phenolic acids. CAUTION: Unsuitable during menopause

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